Dear Valued Customers,
As you were aware, negotiations for a new Dockers Union contract was continuing and our management had been meeting with representatives of the union since mid-April to settle the dispute and demands of the Dockers Union and to end the strike so that we could resume work.
We are writing to inform you that the Portuguese Dockers Union announced strike which began on April 20, 2016 in the Lisbon area ports Liscont and Sotagus has come to an end with a settlement that a new collective union agreement will be signed within two weeks and remain effective for a period of six years. During the collective union agreement period, the union undertakes not to submit any notice of strike, without referring matters concerning the interpretation of the new collective union agreement to the Joint Committee, in order for it to consider the referred matters.
With this new stable environment, we are hoping that all of our customers, government, investors and our employees feel confident and comfortable with the future of Lisbon terminals. In the light of this, we are expecting to improve and grow continuously in the upcoming months.
We apologize for all inconveniences caused during this interruption of our services due to the strike. We would like you to know that our foremost priority is to serve our customers again and provide the kind of excellent work and efficiency as usual.
Thank you for your cooperation and continuing support.


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