Combidiomas Trading, Lda

Founded in 2009 with a history from 1997 to Combidiomas, specialized in international transport, collection, distribution, packaging and storage of goods.
Warehouse we have for parking of vehicles - loads - groupage and full container.
The Combidiomas Trading has as its main market the Palop's, although it is able to receive and send goods to and from anywhere in the world, offering agents the most important places, routes Air and Marine. We partner with Brokers in Luanda, Lobito and Sao Tome.
With professional, our company works on areas as diverse as sales and technical advice, Customs, Agency and Consignment Goods Companies working with all Air and Maritime Transport. The Our goal is the loyalty of our customers, bulk loads, greater bargaining power, also betting on your preference for our services, both in cargo via Air or Maritime, while maintaining a good quality / price ratio.
Our mission is reflected as well in how we respond to the needs of our customers.
Obtando to work always with economic agendes and active in import and export or by air, sea or bus.
Thus helping with the implementation of the best solutions for each client.
The combidiomas in April 2011 to match the needs of each client
Started a new activity deploying COMBIDIOMAS TRADING, wanting to give each customer a beeline every need collaborating and offering a global service and a shuttle full traveling factory directly to you!
Every effort is intended to improve services thus obtaining the trust and customer satisfaction.
Thus the Combidiomas invites you to experience our service and proof our commitment and our professionalism.
If you wish to speak to one of our professionals, please contact us. We are available to your company!